Into The Looking Glass: How Tiny Leaf Organics is Sharing The Gentle Parenting Lifestyle Through Eco-Friendly Products, A Clear Focus, and Family

28 May

As a mother, we want to make sure our little ones are constantly being taken care of and are only using the best products on their tiny bodies. When we’re shopping for products, we want to make sure the ones we choose are delicate enough and safe for their skin. Why stand in the grocery aisle reading tiny labels for harmful ingredients. when you can let Tiny Leaf Organics provide you with all-natural and organic products for your loved ones?

Our babies immune, endocrine, neurological, and other bodily systems are still being developed. They are growing into humans and small exposures to certain chemicals found in common baby products may be absorbed and enter the bloodstream. Many products contain a high number of chemicals which can irritate skin and cause allergic reactions and other adverse health effects.

Surprisingly, most baby products contain some kind of toxic ingredient in them. They can contain chemicals that are used as fragrance mixes, preservatives, or penetration enhancers. Although manufacturers have cleaned up the ingredients in recent years, we’re not quite there yet. And, the catch is that sometimes the harmful chemicals aren’t even listed on the ingredient list for you to see. Baby products are marketed to make you think you need them, when looking at baby products, your eyes are constantly caught by their marketing tactics and meaningless words like ‘hypoallergenic’, ‘dermatologically tested’ & ‘sensitive’. They come in calming colours with adorable babies on them. But, when you look past these tactics that marketing teams use and glance over the ingredient list, you can see where the truth lies!


What chemicals should we avoid?

Fragrance: This is added to a lot of baby products for two reasons: either to create a particular smell or to mask the harsh odor of the chemicals inside of the product. Companies don’t even need to add what their ‘fragrance’ is made from on the product’s ingredient list -- most of the times its made of coal or other petroleum-derived components. Unless the scent in your baby products comes from essential oils, you should steer clear of that product. And, if you suffer from eczema, you should avoid even the natural scents - stay tuned for a blog on eczema with features of some awesome skin-friendly products for you to use!

Propylene Glycol :This enhances the absorption of chemicals into your babies skin. It is mostly found in baby wipes and windshield wiper fluid. While it’s not toxic, it is an irritant and a penetration enhancer. This chemical can also potentially be carcinogenic. A baby product ingredient that doubles as a product in nappy fluid is not something that you want to use on your baby’s skin.

Mineral Oil: Baby oil is a horrible combination of fragrance and mineral oil - a super cheap by-product of Petroleum. Baby oil acts as a wrap around the skin causing it to keep toxins trapped inside. The whole point of our skin is that it allows us to release toxins from our bodies through our pores. Covering this up keeps them inside of us. With babies being so susceptible to illness, we want to make sure they have a fast track out of their bodies versus trapping them in with a Petroleum by-product.

Parabens: These are a group of common preservatives. There are a lot of them, but the common ones are butlyl, ethyl, methyl, and propyl - and they all end with the word ‘paraben’. This preservative is known to counteract with the bodies natural hormones. Parabens mimic the hormone estrogen. An increase in this hormone can trigger an increase in breast cell division and also the growth of tumors. 

Phenoxyethanol: Like we said before, companies are trying to find ways to expel some of these popular dangerous ingredients from their products. With this, comes the addition of some more potentially harmful and less common additives. One of these being phenoxyethanol. This preservative is found in products where the manufacturer tries to avoid adding parabens. This product is an irritant and should be used nowhere around the mouth. Exposure to these products has been linked to reactions ranging from eczema to severe, life-threatening allergic reactions. According to the FDA,  oral exposure to phenoxyethanol in infants can affect their nervous systems. 

Methylisothiazolinone: Methylisothiazolinone has been widely associated with contact dermatitis. Even though it's so dangerous for your skin, it’s still being used in big brands. Be extra cautious with this one -  although many of their websites say their wipes and baby products are MIT free, read the labels to be absolutely sure!

 Sulphates: These are very cheap and effective cleansing agents that foam up and are often found in soap, detergent, shampoo, and bubble bath. A common claim about sulphates is that they can irritate the eyes. Other concerns with sulphates are excema, and organ toxicity if used often. Babies have a thinner layer of skin that adults do so these chemicals penetrate into their bodies much quicker and in a much more harmful way than it does for adults.

Alcohol: Alcohol is a common product in adult skin care that makes it dry quickly on your skin. This should be absolutely avoided in baby products because it is harsh and dries their skin out much faster. On many labels, alcohol is listed under ‘ethanol or ethyl alcohol’. Adding on to that, there is another separate group of alcohol ingredients that are called ‘fatty alcohols’. Fatty alcohol is a combination of natural oil and water. When emulsified, this fatty alcohol does not usually irritate or dry out the skin and can have some great benefits.

How Tiny Leaf Organics is helping you take the best care of your baby…

When owning a business, there are many twists and turns that take you in different directions along the way. Making sure your mission and what you are selling will change the lives of your customers, is another part of being a business owner entirely. 

Chantelle set out to work on Tiny Leaf Organics about a year ago. She believed that it would only take her a few months to get her company up and running. With those twists and turns, a few months turned into a year. She describes that if she knew how long it would take her to get to this point, she would have been extremely disheartened. When we want something for ourselves, a year feels like an eternity. Luckily, when the stars align and everything falls into place, we have to trust that the timing is right. With a clear mission in mind, Chantelle listened to her intuition and put in the hard work which put her business in the right direction. She was able to get her company up and running.

During this time period, Chantelle welcomed a newborn to her family, referring to this moment as her initiation into parenthood. She has been presented with many challenges along the way, each of which inspires her to become a better mother. While on maternity leave, her family did their first ‘declutter’. Thinking the idea of minimalism was just for ‘hipsters’ or people with no kids, she constantly wondered whether you could have a rich life with less stuff. Getting increasingly tired with her accumulation of ‘stuff’, Chantelle and her family desired more peace and space created to reconnect with what’s important to them. Chantelle’s outlook on her precious life ignited an internal fire and from it, the need to live a more intentional life transpired and became a huge part of her purpose. 

Chantelle realised at this moment that a busy, unconnected life was not her path and continues to this day to reduce her families’ use of Earth’s natural and resources.

Tiny Leaf Organics hopes to inspire and help you make the same transformation with your families. Whether you are the parent of a newborn or are already experienced with multiple kids, taking a more simple, intentional approach to life can benefit your family for the rest of your trips around the sun. 

Tiny Leaf Organics, built on the foundation of ethical philosophy, was created as a place of tranquility. From the sourcing of their products to their eco-friendly packaging. Little D has tried and tested most of the products that you see on the site! In the pursuit of happiness and healthiness, let Tiny Leaf Organics provide you with ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials that are free from chemicals. Trust that the choices you make for you and your family will be the right one.

Peace & Love x

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