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Mother to Little D and a business owner, I am passionate about supporting a natural , and organic family lifestyle. I constantly see excess amounts of waste and harmful chemicals inside popular brands every day. We’re setting out to reduce waste and provide families just like ours with products that are safe for them!

“Our goal is to support HAPPINESS and HEALTHINESS among families just like our own.” 

Whether you’re here to read our blog, browse our online store, or make a purchase, I want you to feel loved and supported in all of the choices that you’re making for you and your entire family.

Welcome to our lifestyle. 

Our Story

I always found it so frustrating navigating a world where baby products don’t have the best ingredients for our littles. I would spend so much of my time reading through lengthy product labels in the aisles of stores so that I could keep baby D safe from harsh chemicals, strong perfumes, and parabens - which are found in baby products more often than you think!

As a conscious parent, Tiny Leaf Organics was born. My family needed a place of tranquility, a store built on ethical philosophies that sourced quality, natural ingredients in zero-waste and eco-friendly packaging - so I built one!

All of the products I have in my store have been tried + tested by our own little expert, D!

The products we source go far beyond just being natural and organic - most of them even come from little families just like mine that are passionate about taking care of our planet. They have amazing missions to produce less waste and create quality products, making sure everything is ethically sourced, cruelty free, and environmentally friendly.

Let’s tread together with care for the planet and its people as we raise our little ones with ambitions like ours who will be saving the planet for years to come.

In choosing and trusting Tiny Leaf Organics, you’re putting your hearts in our hands. We’ll be sure to keep you safe.

Peace & Love

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